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Discover K'Road

The vibrant K'Road is fast becoming the trendiest neighbourhood in Auckland. Thriving with artisan cafes, award winning restaurants and vintage clothing stores, it offers a dose of personality whilst still being easy walking distance from downtown Auckland and Ponsonby.


From cocktail lounges, to corner bars, to nightclubs and adult cabaret, K' Road provides uber cool, unique and somewhat eclectic night life.

Cafes & Restaurants

Enjoy the flavours and delights of 100 eateries from a 5 star restaurant to Auckland's edgiest cafes & ethnic restaurants. Many of K’Road’s Cafes have become legendary not just for their menus but their music and iconic decor.

Staying Fit

Haka Hotels has close connections to a local gyms and yoga studios in the surrounding areas for those who like to stay active. Come speak to us to find out the details.

Immerse Yourself

If you crave the authentic, the quirky and non-high street brands, then stay with us and immerse yourself in a hundred hidden treasures, secret hideaways and the best international food scene in Auckland.

Our Sister Hotel

We’re part of the Haka Tourism Group and have a sister hotel just a few minutes drive away in the trendy suburb of Newmarket, best known for its range of fashion stores and eateries. Click below to learn more about Haka Hotel Newmarket.